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the size of our team and our standardized and automated processes allow us to carry out projects of any size and complexity!

cloud infrastructure assessment

The Infrastructure Optimization Engagement is designed to provide through-to-end analysis and mapping of the entire IT inventory, taking into account current deployment, usage, processes, and data. The analysis will be the basis for evaluating the entire infrastructure in terms of the on-premises and cloud strategy to help optimize current application and server workloads and present technology benefits for moving additional workloads to the cloud. The analysis will also lead to recommendations to be made to optimise policies and procedures to facilitate the strategy and implementation of digital transformation.

SAP on azure assessment

The SAP on Azure assessment is designed to provide the information needed to assess the readiness to migrate the SAP workload to Azure, and includes an analysis of the associated IT infrastructure, taking into account the current Deployment, applications, usage, processes, and data. The analysis becomes the basis for evaluating the current SAP system architecture, landscape (SAP system landscape is defined as the arrangement of servers, usually: development, quality and production servers) and applications and infrastructure. This information can be used to assess and determine the first steps for the cloud transformation roadmap and provide guidance on how to meet the requirements for deploying an SAP workload to Azure.

workplace modernization assessment

The Workplace Modernization Assessment provides an end-to-end analysis of IT assets, taking into account current deployment, usage, business processes, and data. The analysis will provide a detailed prioritized set of recommendations for all cloud-enabled capabilities related to desktop cloud migration strategy and end-user productivity solutions, as well as insights into business processes and technology barriers.

Microsoft teams assessment

This Teams Assessment provides an analysis of the current collaboration and communication environment, taking into account current deployment, usage, business processes, and data. The analysis will provide insight into current collaboration and communication scenarios and guidance on modernization options to enable employees to achieve more. A comprehensive operational plan will be presented, presenting an action plan to modernise collaboration and communication processes.

cybersecurity assessment

The Cybersecurity Assessment provides a basic analysis of the cybersecurity program and its practices, taking into account the current software usage and deployment position. The analysis will be the basis for assessing the basic cybersecurity status and will provide insight into the software used and the potential risk areas. The analysis will also include guidance on cybersecurity programs and policies that enable strong software asset management and improved cybersecurity.

cloud consulting

We have a long list of professional contractors with whom our engineers and cloud architects like to work on most of our projects! Over the course of our financial years, we have strong expertise in both the process and the management and completion of any type of cloud deployment. We know how important it is to coordinate the project in a timely and cost-effective manner. From now on, we have dealt with numerous medium and large projects, so we have mastered the art of minimizing the additional costs, completing the project phase on time and a live project intact with both original engineering solutions. and the original vision of the customer…

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